Wifac International and Toray Celebrate Long-Term Relationship

Over 100 years history

The Wifac Group was founded over 100 years ago and holds an excellent reputation in the international graphic arts industry. Its head office is located in The Netherlands and there are branch offices in Belgium and Germany. Wifac International is the export division with a product portfolio consisting of premium brands from all over the world and high-quality products sold under private label (Wifac Star Collection). These products are distributed through a comprehensive EAMER dealer network.

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Head office in the Netherlands

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Mr. Marcel Otto, CEO and Owner of Wifac

One of those product sets is waterless offset plates from Toray. "We were the first partner to jump on board with Toray by engaging with the company’s Japanese headquarters more than 30 years ago," said Marcel Otto, CEO and Owner of Wifac. "Waterless plates have been an important part of our offerings. Print production comes with an environmental cost, and producing printing more sustainably comes with a cost. We cultivate printers as customers who understand how to sell environmentally friendly waterless offset printing against lower cost conventional printing. We believe these are the printers who will see the most success in the future."

New printing strategy for the future

Otto cites an example of a large inkjet and gravure printer he recently visited. "They are creating a new strategy for the future and find waterless offset printing to be an attractive element of that strategy," he reported. "This approach appeals to companies who want to reduce waste and improve quality. Another client, a heatset web company, is also attracted by waterless offset printing as a way to gain a new competitive edge by being able to deliver higher quality shorter runs of magazines to stay current with the trend of reduced circulation. Competing primarily on price leads to a very small and nasty business model. Savvy printing businesses are looking for ways to keep margins at a reasonable level with added value for their customers, and waterless offset printing can help them do that. This is a very positive disrupting approach for a heatset printer."

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Warehouse in Wifac

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Warehouse in Wifac

While Otto states that there is currently not a great deal of regulatory pressure on printers to operate more sustainably, "there is something cooking in the kitchen, and smart business people are preparing themselves for that eventuality. We are working hard, hand-in-hand with Toray, to educate the market about the value of waterless offset printing for the future of their businesses, and for the future of our planet. And we are starting to see some big breakthroughs."

365/24/7 support

Wifac has recently been able to place two KBA presses in an account that had been exclusively served by another press manufacturer for almost a century loch Otto credits the company’s 365/24/7 support infrastructure as a key reason, saying, "We are the only supplier in our category at the moment who offers this depth of service. It’s difficult to maintain and easier said than done, but clients value our willingness to respond to them in the middle of the night when they need us. Our close partnership with Toray and other suppliers is a key enabler for that service. We look forward to growing our Toray partnership even more as we enter the fourth decade of our relationship."

Wifac International

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