Netherlands-Based Rodi Rotatiedruk to Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary

Rodi Rotatiedruk

A long-time Toray partner, the company is the only “green” newspaper printer in The Netherlands

Toray Graphics in the Czech Republic, a leading manufacturer of waterless offset plate technology, today offers congratulations to its long-time partner, Netherlands-based Rodi Rotatiedruk, a subsidiary of Rodi Media, as it approaches its 30th anniversary. Founded by Dick Ranzijn, Sr., in July of 1989 as a newspaper publisher, Rodi Media quickly determined it would be better served by establishing its own printing house. Thus, Rodi Rotatiedruk was established in September of that year.

Rodi Rotatiedruk

Left to right: Founder Dick Ranzijn, Sr. and Dick Ranzijn, Jr., Technical Director at Rodi Rotatiedruk

Today, Rodi Rotatiedruk produces 29 weekly and two daily newspapers, as well as printing newspapers for other publishers. In 2003, the company was the first in the world to acquire a Koenig & Bauer Cortina press using Toray waterless offset plates. “With our Koenig & Bauer Cortina configuration, which today has four folders attached, we can print four different papers simultaneously, including full-color tabloid newspapers of up to 128 pages,” Dick Ranzijn, Jr., Technical Director at Rodi Rotatiedruk, notes. “We are also pleased that our long-time partner Toray has added plate manufacturing in the Czech Republic to complement its Japanese manufacturing footprint which ensures there will be no interruption in our plate supply!” Rodi Rotatiedruk is currently using Toray IMPRIMA WA waterless offset plates and a Toray TWP-1250 plate processor, which it was also the first in the world to acquire!

Rodi Rotatiedruk

30th anniversary logo

As environmental regulations in Europe have gotten stricter, Ranzijn notes the company is ahead of the game with the reduced environmental footprint offered by waterless offset printing, adding, “The only way newspapers can be green is with waterless offset printing, and we’re the only green newspaper printer in all of the Netherlands. About Waterless Offset Printing Waterless printing is an alternative printing system that runs on standard offset presses. The key to waterless printing is a plate that uses an ink-resistant silicone coating to eliminate the need for dampening solution. There are four key environmental benefits of waterless printing: · Water sustainability—an increasingly pressing need everywhere · No tainted water discharge—no fountain solution, no waste water management · Reduced solution and chemical in plate processing—minimized VOCs · Sound ecology beyond FSC, ISO or wind power Waterless offset printing also delivers better quality than conventional offset and eliminates the constant adjustments required to maintain ink/water balance on a conventional press.