Oct 11, 2019
Toray Textiles Central Europe s.r.o.
Employee Spotlight: Radovan Hromadka – Technical Support

At Toray, we like to provide recognition to our employees. We have a dedicated team whose primary goal is to make customers more successful and to help us promote waterless offset printing and our steadfast support for improving the environmental sustainability of the printing and packaging industries. This month, our featured employee is Radovan Hromádka, Technical Support.

Radovan Hromadka

Q: Radovan, how long have you been employed by Toray? A: I joined the company in November of 2018, but I have been familiar with the company for a long time. In my previous job as a production manager, we used Toray waterless offset printing plates in the production of banking cards for customers around the world. Q: What are your current responsibilities? A: I am part of a team of 15 members in our Prostejov factory in the Czech Republic. I support our current and new customers with a variety of things, including production of samples, helping them understand the waterless printing process and address any issues with plates or processors. I also work directly with customers to communicate my knowledge and experience in helping them understand how they can deliver the best possible quality results. Q: What do you like most about your job? A: I like that every day is different. I think that is important because if someone is day by day doing the same thing, it gets boring. I also believe that waterless offset is the future, and I like being close to all the new developments. I have a lot of experience as a production manager, and in my previous company, I saw the requirements of our customers. Now in this job, I see even more uses for waterless printing.

Radovan Hromadka

Live demonstration of the process of plate developing

Q: What do you like most about Toray?
A: I like that I am working with people from all around the world. In my previous job, I mostly worked with people in Europe. Now I am spending a lot of time with my Japanese colleagues, and I learn from their different approach to life and to work. They seem to me to be much less stressed, and of course, they are smart and clever and very opening to sharing their knowledge and information. I have found that Europeans are sometimes reluctant to share information. Plus, Toray is in so many other interesting businesses besides waterless offset; I don’t think I will ever be bored here.
Q: What are your hobbies? What do you like to do outside of work?
A: Right now it is a little difficult. I moved to Prostejov for this job, so I am still settling in. But I do like bicycling and motorbikes. And, I like everything about music – not just the music itself but also the technology around headphones microphones, everything. I like to focus on things that are not necessarily visible like lasers – the details of the technology. I also like expensive watches!

Barbora Krupickova
Marketing & Sales Department