Dec 12, 2019
Toray Textiles Central Europe s.r.o.
Toray Supports 15th Cortina Users Group with Waterless Offset Expertise

Since the introduction of the first waterless offset plates by Toray at drupa 1977, Toray has continued to work with press manufacturers to improve and promote waterless offset printing. Koenig & Bauer has been a key partner in this process with its Cortina waterless offset press, and we were delighted to join the 15th annual Cortina Users Group, held in at Coldset Printing Partners in Paal-Beringen, Belgium. Each year, this event is held at the manufacturing operation of a Cortina user, and offers a great opportunity for users and suppliers alike to share waterless offset stories, successes, tips and tricks, and to learn about the latest trends in waterless offset printing and the commercial printing market as a whole.

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*Image source: Koenig & Bauer

This year was no different, with a spotlight placed on daily production practices and the successes and challenges faced by waterless offset users. Almost 100 participants from 15 countries, including Cortina users and supplier industry specialists, took part in the event. We were especially pleased to hear from Paul Huybrechts, general director and CEO at Coldset Printing Partners, who shared his practical experience with the Cortina press, which he has been operating for a year.

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*Paul Huybrechts, general director and CEO at Coldset Printing Partners

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*Peter Benz, Cortina project manager at Koenig & Bauer, waterless offset printing

Joining the event from Toray were myself (Director of Graphic Division); Mr. Noboru Kawanaka (Technical Manager); Mr. Rinus Hoebeke (Sales and Marketing); Mr. Hans Joachim Koch (Technical and R&D). During the event, I was honoured to be able to deliver a talk covering the latest status of Toray’s new technology and chemical-free waterless offset plates. The new Toray IMPRIMA WJ plates are not only chemistry-free, but also feature increased durability for fewer plate changes and more consistent quality on long runs. In his presentation, Huybrechts confirmed the experiences of other Cortina users when he said he was more than satisfied with his Cortina press running Toray IMPRIMA waterless offset plates. “An important key to the success of a Cortina press is the possibility to use significantly less paper and thus to produce much more cost effectively,” he said. He also pointed out that additional savings have been achieved through reduced energy consumption compared to water-based offset, and, of course, the environmental benefits of waterless offset, including the elimination of chemicals and water from the process. We look forward to again attending the Cortina Users Group in 2020, which we understand will be held in The Netherlands. This is an important industry group, and we are proud to put our full support behind it. Yours sincerely, Director of Graphic Divison Mitsunori Hayashi

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