Nov 22, 2017
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Label and package printing industry predictions for 2018

Rinus Hoebeke, sales and marketing, IMPRIMA Graphics Division 

Our vision is that ‘print is not going to disappear’. Today, for instance, we are experiencing a demand for waterless plates from across the printing world, the main reason being waste reduction – a hot topic.


As a company, we are always looking to the future and checking out for partners such as ink manufacturers to work closely with to provide the printing community better products and easier printing methods. The IMPRIMA line of waterless offset printing plates is a result of these evolutions.


Many of the printed product lines are fading out, such as CD and DVD printing, but we believe strongly that print is a valuable part of the multi-media mix. To validate the position and the future of print, we see large digital companies buying print houses.


Also, within the newspaper sector, there is still a place for print, particularly in the local newspapers. For Toray this is very relevant. Our company strategy is a focus on print as a valuable product. We have a new factory and we are also setting up a new R&D center. The Japanese are really investing in Europe at present. There is a lot of confidence in our future as we really believe in the potential of print.


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Rinus Hoebeke

Rinus Hoebeke