Apr 16, 2019
Toray and marks.3zet Hold Joint Strategy Meeting

Toray and marks.3zet held a joint strategy meeting in Germany in March 27th. The two organizations are looking for ways to enhance their long-term cooperation, including developing a joint decision-making process and exchanging customer requirements to influence future product development. “We were pleased to have hosted our first Joint Strategy Meeting with Toray at marks.3zet, and it was our pleasure to meet new colleagues from Toray. Thanks to all participants, it was a very successful and productive meeting in a pleasant atmosphere.” said Dr. Rainer Müller, CEO of marks.3zet. Müller points out that the companies have agreed to joint customer reporting with regular forecasts for the best possible coordination of order and warehouse management as well as increased transparency in the exchange of customer requirements. He adds, “It is marks.3zet priority to provide comprehensive customer support ranging from materials, through hardware, software, service and training. marks.3zet’s mission is to implement new technologies and comprehensive printing solutions based on the latest developments while helping customers lower production costs and increasing quality and customer satisfaction. Toray is a long-standing and important partner in helping us achieve these objectives.” The meeting also included a company tour for new members of the Toray team from Japan, during which they were able to visit the warehouse with the TAC, TAN and Cortina plates and get an overview of the complete product range of marks.3zet, including how the Toray product line fits in. “As a new member of the TTCE Prostejov team, I found this meeting and the company tour to be extremely helpful,” said Mr. Kaoru Ueda, Toray Associate Director for Technology. “The marks.3zet team was very hospitable, and after gaining a better understanding of their business, I can see why they are such an important Toray partner in Europe!” “We would like to thank Toray for their excellent cooperation and look forward to working with them for a bright future together,” said Mr. Joerg-O. Seeger; Sales & Marketing Director at marks.3zet.

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